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Matt's Garage

General Information

Pictures of my 2 cars I sold in order to make my purchase of my 2015 B5 Blue Charger. my 67 Dart from the lower power end of the scale. It had a Slant 6 engine which i put on the Doug Dutra Dual Exhaust manifold and a 2 bbl carb from a Dodge Diplomat,
The 69 GTX was my second car sold. This one had a 440 6BBL engine and now resides somewhere in Delaware.


Where is the beer garage?? Next to the PBR dispenser when the handle was stuck at 25 cents,, gas was at all you could drink at 30 cents. Ass back wards.

Garage Information

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Garage Details

Model Trim
2015 Charger Hellcat
Model Year
Model Color
B6 Blue Metallic
Exterior Modifications
Vinyl trim from stock to the large cat on the side and now a smaller black color to set it off.
I installed the Replica Hellcat wheels 10.5" wide with a 25 offset.
Interior Modifications
Heated and Cooled cup holders
Performance Modifications